A Colorado woman has been shot dead after arguing with a dog pope

While walking in Denver on Wednesday, a woman was fatally shot by a gunman and her boyfriend was injured in what the couple said was about drowning their dog.

Victims – Isabella Thales, 21, and Diarion Simon, were walking on their poach near Cors Field when the 36-year-old suspect, Michael Klose, got into an argument with them from inside his apartment. Denver Post Report.

The probable cause statement obtained by the newspaper said, “The suspect engaged in a verbal altercation with the victim related to telling the dog to bark.”

The couple was recently asked if they were training their poach or just screaming for it, police recorded.

Simon told police he tried to ignore Klose before taking the shot, hitting him twice and killing his girlfriend.

Police arrested him Wednesday after he was driving on a nearby highway, the report said. A rifle and a handgun were found inside his car, police said.

Thales’ mother, Anna Thallus, mourned her daughter’s death in a Facebook post.

Anna writes, “Today we have lost a daughter, sister, granddaughter, niece and friend. “The Lord called him home and he is resting in peace with him.

“We urge you to please respect our privacy and Isabella’s life by keeping you positive and loving.”

One GoFundMe page The cost of Isabella’s funeral exceeded $ 45,000 early Friday

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