A down member system to fight against Trump via Instagram

They know something about “Toxicology,” Above all.

Donald Trump’s control over police handling the death of President Donald Trump’s George Floyd has led to the involvement of 22-year-old singer Serge Tankian and 4-year-old drummer John Dolmash on Instagram.

“Run Donnie to your bunker,” Tankian’s long post since the beginning of this week Before proceeding, a picture of protesters near the White House begins below, “You may be the first U.S. president to do so for fear of your own citizens.”

Meanwhile, Dolmayan posted a picture of Trump on Wednesday It includes a tweet from Abraham Lincoln calling for “doing more for the black community than any president”, with the caption, “Let’s not forget the truth of the statement we are writing.” (He has given a voice of support “Justice for George Floyd” and thousands of other well-wishers police and women across the country in another post))

Although The band’s music is skewed left On their first day, Tankian and Dolmayan were not the first to have a political disagreement: They have made contradictory statements About Barney Sanders’ candidacy in February.

But the band – which has not released new music since 2005 – is there Reschedules several dates of the tour (Fellow offsets-era baggy-pants with Rockers Corner) For 2021, what could be the Nü-metal equivalent of arguing with your relatives over the November election?

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