About 60 percent of Americans say the country is “out of control.”

A new poll shows that most American voters believe things are “out of control” in the country.

New NBC News / Wall Street Journal poll “When it comes to the country these days, do you generally think that things in the country are 6,” he said, with 60 percent of respondents choosing “out of control” and 15 percent choosing “under control”?

The final year of President Trump’s first term was incredibly challenging, with him calling for a response to the global coronavirus epidemic and the handling of national protests following the death of George Floyd in police custody. As such, the survey covers a number of issues, including approval ratings for managing Trump’s current crises and managing electoral choices between Trump and Joe Biden.

Most notably, the survey indicated that 446 percent of voters believed the current state of the economy was “poor” and 59 percent were more concerned about the “violence that the police have turned violent” after Floyd’s death. – Concern for only 2 percent of voters.

Trump recorded a surprise win last week when the number of jobs for girls showed a drop rather than a sharp increase as many predicted. Nevertheless, the survey was conducted before the job number was published. When asked who they would choose if the presidential election were held today, voters responded to former Vice President Joe Biden by 42 percent to 49 percent, with the rest uncertainty or no choice.

The NBC News / WSJ survey surveyed 1,000 registered voters with an error margin of 1,000 or a neutral 3.1 percentage points.

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