Actor Equity publishes guiding principles for Broadway reopening

The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but with the resumption of the Great White Way, there are a few guidelines that the Actors Equity Association (AAA) will follow when the lights go out.

The guidelines, released Tuesday, will be implemented to ensure the safety of actors and stage crews so that they are not treated as “epidemic guinea pigs.” Deadline wrote.

Kate Schindel, president of Equity, said: “I don’t think it’s safe to say that everything is safe for the audience – even if it’s important – and that leaving people on stage as epidemiological guinea pigs is the right answer.”

Here are four guidelines for reopening Broadway:

  • The epidemic needs to be under control, including effective testing, a few new cases in the area and the search for contacts
  • People who can be infected can be easily identified and isolated through regular and accurate tests with quick and quick results.
  • The way we audition, rehearse, edit and manage the stage may need to change and the places we work in may need to change to reduce the risk
  • Efforts to control COVID-19 exposure must involve equity members, employers, unions and all others involved in theater production. Health and safety practices must have a joint purchase and ongoing evaluation and improvement.

Guidelines AA officials and public safety consultant Dr. Presented by David Michaels, who said that more detailed planning was underway, but it was not too early to specify anything.

“These four principles are the foundation of our uninterrupted work with Dr. Michaels,” said Mary McColl, executive director.

“We plan to create a protocol that our employers and all of our colleagues can use to ensure that a safe workplace is possible for everyone working on the play.”

So far, Broadway is scheduled to reopen on September 8th, provided that it meets the guidelines, as well as the city’s own guidelines.

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