Adidas promises to hire more black and Latino staff

German sportswear brand Adidas has pledged to invest million 20 million for the black community in the United States and ensure that at least 30% of all new jobs in the United States will be filled by black and Latino people in its Adidas and Reebok brands.

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Adidas with the black community

Adidas partners with many prominent black athletes and celebrities from Run-DMC and its sneakers and tracksuits are part of hip-hop culture and style. They started wearing in the 1980s.

The Adidas Managing Board said in a statement that it recognized the contribution of the black community to this success but acknowledged that the company needed to do more to fight racism and improve the company’s culture to ensure justice, diversity and opportunity.

“As we talk about the importance of inclusion, we need to do more to create an environment where all our employees feel safe, listened to and have an equal opportunity to advance their careers,” said Chief Executive Caspar Rusted.

Organizations around the world have pledged more than বিল 1 billion for racial and social justice, amid worldwide protests over the death of George Floyd, an African-American man who died after being stabbed in the neck by a Minneapolis police officer.

২০ 20 million for the next four years

Adidas said over the next four years it will spend on initiatives, including a grassroots basketball program, a school for footwear design, and a project that supports black community sports.

It will fund 50 scholarships for black students and set a goal of increasing the representation of black and Latino people in the workforce in North America, in addition to setting a 30% target for new hires.

Adidas said it would provide details of further activities at a staff meeting in Portland and Boston on Wednesday.

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