After Biden’s approval, Trump called Colin Powell a “real stiff.”

President Trump on Sunday called Colin Powell a “really tough guy” – after announcing his support for former Secretary of State Joe Biden as president.

“Colin Powell, a truly tough guy who was extremely responsible for getting us into the devastating Middle East war, just announced that he would vote for another tough, sleepy Joe Biden. Did Trump write that Iraq had ‘weapons of mass destruction?’ They didn’t, but we went to war! Twitter Shortly after Powell appeared on CNN.

Powell, the first African-American to serve as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and secretary of state, joined other former military leaders who criticized the president’s comments about the use of U.S. troops to quell unrest following George Floyd’s death.

“We have a constitution. And we have to follow that constitution. “The president has moved away from this,” Powell told CNN.Union State. “

Less than an hour later, Trump responded to Powell by listing his accomplishments.

“Someone please tell the highly overrated Colin Powell that I have received approvals (a record) of about 300 federal judges, two Great Supreme Court Justices, our once exhausted military, Vits for Choice, the largest ever tax and regulation cuts, Saved Health Care and 2. Rebuilt, & much more! “Trump wrote Twitter.

Paul, who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, said he was “proud” of former military officials and that the national and global protests signaled the agreement of Americans.

“I think what we’re seeing now, this huge protest movement I’ve seen in my life, I think it suggests that the country is getting smarter about this and we’re not going to do anything with it anymore,” Powell told CNN. .

Former Secretary of Defense James Mattis wrote an op-ed in the Atlantic this week that Trump “doesn’t even pretend to try” and “lacks mature leadership.”

Mattis’s comments came a day after current Secretary of Defense Mark Asper said he would not support Trump’s proposal to use U.S. forces on protesters.

And General Mark Millie, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, wrote a memo to the armed forces, reminding them of their oath to the constitution that their responsibility is to “protect lives and property, maintain peace and ensure the safety of the people.”

“Consisting of all races, castes and creeds – as a member of the Joint Forces, you have embodied the values ​​of our Constitution. Please remind all our armies and leaders that we will uphold the values ​​of our nation, and work in harmony with national law and the highest standards of our own conduct, “Millie wrote.

President George W. Bush is also not on the board about Trump’s re-election efforts, New York Times Report.

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