Airbnb host flaunting coronavirus has stopped resisting

Airbnb host Martin Eaton has a gold ticket but the short-term rental market has dropped him to bronze.

When a Brooklyn resident found out he had tested positive for coronavirus antibodies, he joked about it on Airbnb’s “Williamsburg Penthouse Guestroom” list. Eaton describes himself as an “immune host” in the enrollment title.

However, Airbnb slapped him on the wrist. “[My] The account was suspended, “the 48-year-old author told the Post via text message” I spoke to their Basic Customer Service and they said it was stuck in storage … I can’t say I have antibodies in my title or description. “

In between Content policy For hosts, Airbnb has fairly clarified its epidemic restrictions: “Airbnb hosts cannot specify COVID-19, coronavirus, or isolation in the listed headings.” Other prohibited flexes include “promises that hosts or lists will not be affected or exposed by COVID-19.” Airbnb did not respond to a request for comment on the removal of Eaton’s list.

The 41-photo gallery in Eaton’s now suspended room for rent included a stylish sitting room, a sunset view from its roof, and positive antibody test images. According to the Guardian, Which first made Airbnb proud.

“If I had to travel to New York, I’d prefer to be with someone who didn’t have antibodies, someone who had antibodies,” Eaton told the Guardian before the list went down.

Although positive antibody tests may indicate some resistance to the coronavirus, medical experts say the person may still be able to infect others with the virus or re-catch CVD-19.

“The presence of antibodies does not mean immunity, or at least we do not know what it means immunity,” said Navya Mysore, a family physician at One Medical. “I understand how tempting this test feels, like, ‘I can go back to what I was doing before.'”

Mysore added that social-distance, mask-wearing and hand-washing recommendations still apply, as well as limiting personal interaction with anyone outside your home. “You should still take the same kind of precautions as you would otherwise.”

Singles are flipping their antibody statues on their dating app profiles, using them as a kind of security assurance to imply online matches for personal dating.

Although sometimes sharing personal space with new people is inevitable.

So if you are looking for a little animal immunity, chances are you will get coronavirus from us!

– Alison Shingel, a 25-year-old Brooklyn teacher who tested positive for coronavirus antibodies and is looking for a third roommate

In Gypsy housing The Facebook group, where members post rooms for rent, looking for new roommates People must place at least three posts COVID-19 in front and center.

A section in Midtown does not provide any antibody claims but fights strict cleaning requirements, eliminating all resident groceries, maintaining a six-foot distance and banning visitors. Strict rules for potential roommates are met with an apology: “Sorry for feeling so tough. We’ve all been mentally exhausted since COVID-19. [has] Vaccines or antibodies and [knows] Conversion / immunity is very tough. “

Living in a three-bedroom Brooklyn apartment, where one resident, Alison Schingel, tested positive for antibodies and the other expected to test positive, sounds a little easier: “So if you’re looking for some animal immunity,” Schingel’s ad for their অতিরিক্ত 700 / month extra room “It is very unlikely that you will get the coronavirus from us!”

“It’s the right thing to do,” said Shingel, a 25-year-old reading tutor. I will ask people if they are conscientious [about social distancing and other precautions]. If you are someone who wants to hold a lot of people, we will not tolerate it. I also want people to know that there were cavities in the apartment. “

He and his roommate were sick a few months ago, he added, “and we really cleaned up. So I don’t think there’s any cavid now.

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