Amazon down – update: Web services outage also hits Disney+, Venmo and more

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Amazon Web Services, the shopping giant’s internet infrastructure arm, is experiencing technical issues that are echoing across much of the rest of the internet.

A variety of websites and services were hit by problems apparently because of issues with the underlying technology, which is provided by Amazon Web Services or AWS.

That included many of the world’s biggest apps and services, from Disney Plus and Tinder to Coinbase. Games were also hit, with PUBG and League of Legends seeming to go down.

It also hit other Amazon-owned services, including the Alexa voice assistant, the Kindle, Amazon Music and its Ring security cameras.

But it did not appear to be a problem in all locations. Amazon said the problems were in the “US-EAST-1” which is hosted in Virginia and serves areas nearby, meaning that people reliant on other parts of the AWS network may still be able to load services, though it might perform more slowly than usual.


Amazon worker shares dystopian gameboard which monitors how hard staff are working

A TikTok user shared what appeared to be a screen turning Amazon warehouse work into a kind of game.

The video posted by @chutuo, which has garnered almost two million views, shows what seems to be a screen in an Amazon warehouse listing possible “achievements”.

Other items on the list include “punctual” and “picking up speed”. The item entitled “make history” urges workers to pick up one million products.

In a separate video posted on Sunday, TikTok user @couryeo wrote that working at Amazon was “the worst job I’ve ever had”. The TikToker said she was “overworked” and “underpaid”. She added that she was “treated like a machine” and that there was “no socializing at all”.

“Basically a prison [in my opinion],” she wrote.

Gustaf Kilander7 December 2021 21:35


Adele fans forced to wait to buy concert tickets as Ticketmaster goes down

Adele fans have been forced to wait to buy tickets for her tour after the Ticketmaster website went down amid the AWS chaos.

Other sites, such as Coinbase, Robinhood, and Netflix, also experienced problems.

“Due to an Amazon Web Services (AWS) outage impacting companies globally, all Adele Verified Fan Presales scheduled for today have been moved to tomorrow to ensure a better experience. Fans will receive an email with updated info on their new presale time,” Ticketmaster tweeted on Tuesday.

Adele released her album 30 in November and will hit the road in July 2022, five years after finishing her last world tour, Bloomberg reported.

Gustaf Kilander7 December 2021 21:10


AWS say they ‘continue to experience increased error rates’

Amazon Web Services said in an update that they “continue to experience increased” error rates in application programming interfaces – connections between computers and between computer programmes – in the eastern US.

“We continue to work toward mitigation and are actively working on a number of different mitigation and resolution actions. While we have observed some early signs of recovery, we do not have an ETA for full recovery,” the company said.

“For customers experiencing issues signing-in to the AWS Management Console in US-EAST-1, we recommend retrying using a separate Management Console endpoint,” they added.

The company also said that some users outside the eastern region may be unable to log in to their service.

Gustaf Kilander7 December 2021 20:54


Outage hits Amazon during busy season as some workers celebrate

The Facebook group “Amazon Delivery Driver Venting and Troubleshooting Group” has almost 9,000 members.

“I’m not working today, but [my warehouse in Idaho] is eating s**t,” one person wrote in the group .

A post celebrating the outage had garnered more than 200 comments.

“Looks like we’re getting paid to sit on the clock, works for me,” another person wrote.

The app used by Amazon delivery drivers to determine their routes is called Flex and while outages do occur, they’re usually short and doesn’t last for hours as happened on Tuesday, Motherboard reported.

As people order gifts for the holidays, the outage has hit Amazon in the middle of one of their busy periods.

Gustaf Kilander7 December 2021 20:41


Workers report outages across US and Canada

Dozens of people have said on the subreddit FASCAmazon, a page used by workers at Amazon’s fulfilment centres and delivery stations, that they have been able to work for hours due to the outage.

Issues have been reported in Texas, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Kansas, Indiana, Michigan, Florida, Illinois, Arizona, and Ontario, including other locations, according to Motherboard.

“We’ve just been chilling on the clock for almost 2 hours cause the network has been down lmaooo. Guess somebody didn’t like the fact Amazon is making us work Christmas/Christmas eve,” one Reddit user wrote.

“The warehouse never been so quiet it’s eerie,” another wrote.

“I’m loving just sitting here on my phone,” a third posted. “They can only tell us to make sure our area is clean so many times.”

Gustaf Kilander7 December 2021 20:26


Hundreds of Amazon workers share tales of chaos on social media

Hundreds of Amazon employees have said that the company’s delivery operation is in disarray as applications used by the workers have been unusable.

Both the Flex app, used for deliveries, and the Dolphin app, used for time tracking and other uses, have been affected.

The owner of an Amazon delivery company in Florida told Motherboard that “AWS servers are down, and only about 50 % of my people can deliver. Most cannot login”.

Hundreds of Amazon staff members have posted about the issues at the company on social media.

“I am making more money than Jeff Bezos in this moment. Right now everything is down worldwide and I am still getting paid double overtime. Amazon is on standstill so I’m sure this second alone he is losing $$$$$,” a user wrote on the subreddit called FASCAmazon, a page for workers at Amazon’s fulfilment centres and delivery stations.

Gustaf Kilander7 December 2021 20:11


AWS: Problems caused by ‘impairment of several network devices’

Amazon Web Services said in a status update that they are “seeing impact to multiple AWS APIs in the US-EAST-1 Region”.

An application programming interface (API) is a connection between computers or between computer programmes.

The impacted services include EC2, Connect, DynamoDB, Glue, Athena, Timestream, Chime, as well as “other AWS Services”, according to the company.

They said the cause of the problem is an “impairment of several network devices” on the US east coast.

AWS added that they are “pursuing multiple mitigation paths in parallel, and have seen some signs of recovery, but we do not have an ETA for full recovery at this time”.

They added that “root logins for consoles in all AWS regions are affected by this issue”.

Gustaf Kilander7 December 2021 19:51


Third Amazon outage of 2021

Amazon has said that not all parts of the world have been affected by the outage, adding that the area that has been hit the hardest is the eastern coast of the US.

Users of the Amazon shopping site have reported slow loading times, but many have still been able to make purchases.

Services like Ring surveillance cameras, Chime – an app for mobile banking, and robot vacuum iRobot have all reported having problems.

This is the third time an outage hits Amazon this year, the BBC reported. Users experienced a short outage in June when services like Prime Video and Amazon Alexa stopped working. The outage also affected Shopify, PayPal, and CNN.

Gustaf Kilander7 December 2021 19:34


Outage brings down internal Amazon tools

The outage has also taken down tools used internally at Amazon.

Employees, both in warehouses and those delivering packages and driving for Amazon’s Flex service, have reported that the Flex app or the AtoZ app are unusable, making staff members unable to scan packages and get access to delivery routes, CNBC reported.

Sellers on Amazon have said that they can’t use Seller Central, the internal site used to handle orders from customers.

Gustaf Kilander7 December 2021 19:15


Outage reports decrease as company reports ‘signs of recovery’

Shortly after 11am on Tuesday, AWS saw more than 11,000 reports of outages, a figure that had decreased to below 5,000 reports after 1pm, according to Down Detector.

Just before noon, almost 27,000 outage reports were submitted concerning Amazon. Around 1.30pm, that number had decreased to just over 8,000 reports.

AWS has said that they are seeing “signs of recovery”.

Gustaf Kilander7 December 2021 19:00

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