Amazon has filed a lawsuit against a former AWS employee who joined Google Cloud

After joining Google Cloud, Amazon filed a lawsuit against a former employee of its cloud computing business, alleging that its new appointment violated the terms of its competitive agreement with Amazon Web Services.

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On the LinkedIn profile, Brian Hall, who served as vice president of product marketing at AWS, described his current title as “waiting to work as a VP at Google.”

Lawyers for Hall responded to the case Monday in Seattle’s King County Superior Court, according to a Geekware report.

The response stated that Amazon authorities repeatedly forced Hall to believe that the company would not implement the non-competitive provision of its “Boilerplate” privacy agreement in negotiations before and after signing the agreement in June 2018.

In a lawsuit filed by Amazon last month, the company alleges that Hall was given an unusually broad view of Amazon’s cloud product plan, its priorities and its competitive strategy.

The lawsuit alleges that Hall’s knowledge of Amazon’s plans would be “invaluable” to Google if it were allowed to take this parallel position with Google.

Hall helped develop and unravel the roadmap for the full-fledged Amazon Cloud product for 2020-21, Amazon said in a May 18 lawsuit.

Amazon has complained that Hall and Google have rejected Amazon’s request to amend its role in Google, adding that Google has threatened Hall’s proposed location with “immediate and irreparable damage to Amazon.”

This is not the first time that Amazon has filed a lawsuit against the state of Washington for applying a non-competitive clause.

Another former WS sales executive, Philip Meyer, sued Amazon after taking a position with Google Cloud last year.

A judge has agreed to limit certain aspects of Google’s role in the term of the agreement, the report said.

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