Ancient Magodon shark teeth resembling human hands found in South Carolina

A woman in South Carolina found a huge ancient Magellan shark tooth weighing one pound,

Jessica Rose-Standfer Owens found a large chunk of gray teeth out of the sand on the banks of the Stone River and quickly realized that it was much larger than average.

“I was so excited I asked my husband (Simon) to go downstairs and pick up the phone (to record), because who would believe that we got one near Surajmin?” I always hear people digging and / or diving, “he said. Once McCalty told the News in an email.

In a video posted on Facebook, he gasped as he brushed the crab to reveal huge teeth. “I’m literally going to cry,” he said in the video.

According to McClatchy, the tooth was 5.755 inches and weighed 15.9 ounces.

“We are shocked,” he said in an email. “The tooth is simply incredible and it makes us think that we now have a fossil in our mantle that is 3-5 million years old. Just wild.”

The coastal area of ​​South Carolina was once sea level and the mud there is known for hosting teeth from ancient Megaldon and Attraction of interest From tourists.

Megaldon Shark is considered one The biggest predator According to scientists, never to survive

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