Andrea compares bees to expatriate workers and reminds the government of its responsibilities

How would you react if you saw a swarm of bees outside your window as soon as you woke up? Well, according to most of our reactions, actress Andrea Jeremiah was also very scared and when he saw a bee colony outside his veranda he thought of moving it for his own protection.

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There are two options to get rid of bees
He reveals what he felt when he came across a swarm of bees and called to reach out. Eventually, he was left with only two options, either he could take the help of pest control to kill the bees or learn to live with it.

Although the actress-singer was horrified to see flying insects, she did not want to kill it. Andre realized that this was an important part of the ecosystem and that killing was not an option.

Now, the actress has narrated the story with the current migrant labor crisis and reminded governments across the country of their responsibilities. His words should read how he described the whole episode. Check out his untitled text posted on Instagram.

Yesterday, I woke up just outside my window with a beehive. I went out to investigate and found this huge colony of bees in the mango tree right next to my porch.

I have nothing against bees, but I also don’t want to be stung, so I’ve made a few calls trying to find the best possible way to relocate bees without harm. In the end I had only two options – call pest control who will solve the problem by killing all the bees, or just learn to be with them.

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I’m terrified of flying insects, yet I can’t think of killing thousands of bees that I feel safe. I feel a great sense of responsibility towards these animals, simply because they are an important part of our ecosystem. If bees are extinct, then we humans are next.

This story is about bees, but it is also about the migrant labor crisis in our country. If I can hold myself accountable for a bee outside my porch, how can the government not be held accountable for the millions of migrant workers trapped across the country?

Queen Bee is smart, she knows she is nothing but her worker bees, they need bees to keep them in good working condition.

I think we humans can learn a lot from bees
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On the professional front, his kitty has a number of interesting projects including Vijay and Vijay Sethupati’s Master. Bhattam, Ka and Aranmanai 3 are his other upcoming movies.

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