Aparajita Ayodhya will be managed by Kangana Ranaut

Actress-director Kangana Ranaut will play “Aparajita Ayodhya” revolving around the Ram Mandir case.

“I had no plans to direct this film. I started it as a project. I worked from the concept level. I wanted to build it and I would rope in another director for it. I was too busy even then.” Do, ”he said.

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“However, the script that KV Vijayendra Prasad shared is a picture of a film made on a slightly larger canvas in the style of a historical historical film I directed earlier. My collaborators were also interested in directing it. Eventually I even realized” I helmed this film This is the best.

KV Vijayendra Prasad’s screenplay was “Manikarnika: The Queen of Jhansi”, which introduced Kangana as the director.

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‘Aparajita Ayodhya’ will also be produced by his production house.

Kangana will probably not be seen in the film as she wants to focus entirely on becoming a filmmaker. “I want to keep my focus on the film as a filmmaker. It’s not a controversial issue for me. I see it as a story of love, faith and unity and above all it’s a story of the gods,” he said.

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