As a Giants coach, Bill Belichick is the first of many Big Blue What-FS

In the week-long series, the post looks at alternative realities in New York sports. Today’s edition looks to see if the Giants could have won the second straight bowl in 2006 without wide receiver Plexico Barres not shooting himself.

What if Bill Belek was Bill Parcel’s successor in 1991?

The Super Bowl-winner left the parcels in May after the 1990 season. Earlier, however, GM George Young favored running back coach and clock-management guy Ray Handley over Bachik, the defensive coordinator who Young thinks has cursed too much and played a bit strange. Handley left Belichick in February, to be named head coach, and the rest is extremely sad for Gents history. Belick seems to have had some success.

What if the Eli Manning-Philip reverse draft-day trade never happened?

GM Arnie liked Across Manning, really liked Ben Rothlisberger and was not interested in river drafting. In San Diego, more than seven minutes have been temporarily allocated to 15 minutes of the clock with the Note 1-overall pick, Chargers GM AJ. Smith called Akorsi and asked, “Do you want Eli?” ’Smith insisted on OC Umenierra as part of the package and he was rejected. Smith wanted the Rivers, and Manning had already stated that he did not want to play in San Diego. The deal was done and the league office was called in just in time. The Chargers took Manning, the Giants took the reverse at No. 4 and then switched players.

Eli Manning is holding the Chargers’ jersey after the first overall draft.Getty Images

What will happen if Hakim Knicks is not injured in the second week of 2012?

Knicks is now strong enough to believe that he is currently only 32 years old. He compiled 155 receptions for 2,244 yards and 18 touchdowns over two years and was the central figure in the Super Bowl XLVI run. He hit his left knee in a win at Tampa Bay and although he has only missed the next three matches, he has never been one. If the Nicks are healthy and productive, don’t take Odell Beckham Jr. to pick No. 12 overall in the Giants 2014 draft. They’re probably the guard Jack Martin (No. 16 by the Cowboys) or, perhaps, the No. 13 player in the Rams: defensive tackle Aaron Donald.

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What if Tom Coughlin doesn’t become more player-friendly after the 2006 season?

The Giants came close to being sacked in the second half of the 2006 season, 2-6, and 8-8. He was unpopular, seen as a carmudge, not willing to bend and not caring about his player’s needs. Michael Strahan was openly opposed to Cofflin’s “Five Minutes Early” mantra. Co-owner John had enough to kill, and told Cufflin that he had to stop being so irresistible. A former Giants fullback named Charles Way, who was the team’s director of player development at the time, offered the following advice: “Players should give you the way you want to see them with your grandchildren.”

Giants Rich Sewbert was brought down in a broken game to end an NFC Wild Card play-off game against the 49ers in 2003.P

What would happen if Tri Jankin, in his first and last game for the Giants, didn’t paint a bad picture in the Wild-Card Play-off game in the 2002 season?

The 19-year-old NFL long-snapper, Junkin, was called out of retirement to replace the injured Dan O’Leary (who replaced released Rocky Bob Jones). After the 49ers surprisingly lost 38-15 at 33-18, the Gents got a shot to prevent a memorable fall, as Matt Bryant stood for a goal in the final-second 41-yard field. The snap was low and wide to Matt Allen, Junkin’s disguised container, and all Allen could do was remove the ball and throw an incomplete pass. Referee Ron misses a clear interference penalty on winter-eligible receiver Rich Seubert and announces the end of the game. The catastrophic loss came after head coach Jim Fassel, who was sacked the following season.

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