Baby Annie throws a socially distant prom after being canceled

He’s the real prom king of relays, NC – and he’s only 7 years old.

A big-minded kid named Curtis Rogers traveled extra miles for his nanny, Rachel Chapman, not only because of the best behavior on his watch. Curtis learned that Rachel has no older prom this season due to Covid-19 concerns so he threw one for her.

“She planned a socially distant prom, complete with dancing and her favorite food,” said Becky, Rachel’s mother. May 26 A tweet Which has since received 1,1000 retweets and more than 11,000 likes. She has added four photos to her sweet upload, showing the pair sitting at a flower-decorated table near a magnolia tree – a long pool wide with noodles – as well as another that separates them at least 6 feet apart in their formal attire.

Seven-year-old Curtis Rogers threw a prom for his nanny, Rachel Chapman, who was later dismissed due to Cavid-19 concerns.
Seven-year-old Curtis Rogers threw a prom for his nanny, Rachel Chapman, who was later dismissed due to Cavid-19 concerns.Facebook

The two have not seen each other in two months due to the coronavirus epidemic, ABC11 reports.

“I planned it because Rachel probably wanted me to see a lot more,” Curtis told the channel. “He’s also one of my acquaintances.”

Rachel herself enjoyed the party, but said it brought some mixed emotions.

The event included their favorite school breakfast, eating apples with peanut butter.Facebook

“I was threatened with a kind of dress because I was sad; “I can’t get my senior prom to wear it,” he told the channel. “After leaving it and spending time with her, because I saw her for the first time in two months, it was really fun and I’m really glad she did.”

Curtis’ ‘kindness’ The journey to “Good Morning America” On Thursday, which he called the “pint-sized prom king,” he chose his bow pick to match his outfit and danced a lot to his favorite music.

Curtis’ mother, Elisa, told ABC 11, “She was really interested in starting it and making sure she was ready to impress him.”

Other nice details include eating their favorite school breakfast, apples with peanut butter, as well as some bites from Chick-fil-A. Curtis waited outside when Rachel showed up and then took him to the backyard where they celebrated.

“She had all my favorite foods and everything,” Rachel said. “I can say that he thought a lot about it.”

It wasn’t just a party for a good income – it was an event for someone who was part of the Rogers family.

Elisha said, “Rachel is one of our favorite people and she helps a lot around the house.” So, Rachel is like the best income right now. “

Curtis wore a three-piece suit and a bow that matched the color of her face.Facebook

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