Bartolo Colon, 47, wants 1 more shot in the big leagues

Bertolo Colon refused to entertain the idea of ​​retirement.

He didn’t pitch in 2019 and on Sunday he turned 47, not to be outdone.

He wished for another big shot.

“I don’t remember retiring,” Colon told the Associated Press in a phone interview. “I’m still hoping to reach my goal of pitching 46 innings. I will sign in with the first team who wants me. “

46 Why?

The number of innings will persuade him to pass the most Hall of Fame by Juan Marichal by Dominican Coles.

In his last major league season, with the Texas Rangers in 2018, Cullen managed to reach 3,461 2/3 innings. Since his debut with Cleveland in 1997, he has starred 247-188 in 5,565 games.

Bertolo Colon
Bertolo ColonGetty Images

Marichal played 3,507 innings in 471 games over 16 years.

Callan, aka “Big Sexy” knows that time is against him.

“I know it’s not a sport for the old, it’s for the young,” the colonel said. “I keep training. Although I’m not playing right now, I’ve tried to keep fit

The coronavirus epidemic changed Colon’s plans this year.

Back in March H, he was ready to pitch with Monclova Esceros in the Mexican Baseball League. But when their outbreak forced the league to close, their predecessor was shut down and the resumption status is uncertain.

“I had to decide whether to stay in Mexico or return to the Dominican Republic. I went to my country and they also have segregation and curfew, ”he said. “I’m still waiting. Monklovavasi says they will tell me what will happen in the season depending on the virus.”

Callon is currently busy promoting his recently published autobiography, “Big Sexy: In His Own Words.”

Yes, the title is the nickname given to him by Noah Cindergard, his rotating colleague during his time with the New York Mets from 2014-15.

In addition to all his wins, Callon gave fans a lot of fun on the plate in his big 21 seasons.

Four years after his unforgettable first and only home run against the James Shields of the San Diego Padres. There is a good deal in the book dedicated to his difficulties while going to play in the National League with the Mets, his helmet flying funny when the communication disappeared.

Callan said he has learned to extend his strike out further.

“I don’t mind people laughing. In fact, I wanted a bigger helmet so it could fall off, ”he said.

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