Biden Poll: Former Vice President Hillary Clinton hits a milestone: 50% majority support

In fact, if you look at the average Live interview poll Published since last Sunday, Beadon manages to receive 50% (51%). That means he has a majority at the moment. This is an important milestone that should not be printed down.
As I mentioned in the past, the fact that Democrat Hillary Clinton did not get close to 50% of the vote made Trump’s return in 2016 much easier. The Average Live Interview Survey Taken in June 2016 (when Libertarian Gary Johnson was included) Clinton had only 42%. None of these polls reached 50%. In fact, during the rest of the campaign, he never got close to the voting average.

When Trump closed the gap in the miserable days of the 201st campaign, he had to persuade very few Clinton supporters to vote. Trump should have chosen only third-party candidates or supported third-party candidates.

At the moment, it will be difficult for Trump to win back the voters who are already with Biden if the road to victory is not on the impossible side.

Other historical examples are not very kind to Trump. The only other challenger at the moment who was hovering around 50% was Jimmy Carter in 1976 he won.

See CNN’s poll center for full coverage of the 2020 race
To Trump I am Harry Truman, one of the presidents often identified as the beacon of hope. He is a resigned president who came back victorious in his second term, at a time when his bid was coming to an end. Moreover, Truman was the only president Net negative approval rating (Approval – Rejection) Below -5 points at the moment in the return and promotion campaign.

Trump’s problem is here: on average, Truman’s Republican opponent Thomas Dewey was 46% at this point in the poll. Even in this poll, Biden’s advantage over Trump was 9 points more than Traman’s (just south of 9 points) and Biden’s support was about 5 points more than the voters. Voters weren’t just as committed to him as they were to Biden at the moment.

Indeed, Trump’s need to convince those who are not already with other camps has been reflected differently. His denial rating in the average survey is 54%. At the moment in the voting era, this denial has not been determined in their favor before any other president has a chance to win a second term. Truman had 47%, as his approval rating stood at 39%. But it was mostly Americans who did not deny him at least.

Trump proved in 2016 that he can deny history. If he wants to win a second term in 2020, Trump will have to do something.

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