Bigg Boss 4 Telugu is likely to see these celebrities as competitors

Bigg Boss 4 Telugu listeners were desperately waiting to know the details and updates about Telugu. The first three seasons of the show have been great hits and the buzz of 4 seasons is exciting. According to the latest rumors, the management of Star Ma Channel has already pulled out of a few contestant shows and is waiting for the right time to reveal the names.

Esha Rebba

Esha Rebbar needs no introduction. He is a familiar face to Telugu viewers. Rumors have surfaced that he will be part of Season 3 as well, and now the same rumors are back. Esha has not yet confirmed any news regarding this.

Mangalli (Satyavati)

Mangali is a popular folk musician who rose to fame in a very short time. If you guys don’t know who she is, let me tell you that she is the female singer of Ramulo Ramula of Ala Baikunthpurmallo. He is quite popular in both Telugu states.


Popular actor Tharun was known to be a part of this show more than a decade ago. Tharun has done a lot of pictures and most of them have been movie hits. A lot of young and new actors have found a place in his place, it’s been a long time since Tharun said ‘goodbye’ to films. According to rumors, he is going to be seen in Bigg Boss 4 and has agreed to take part in the show.




Versini is a model, actor and she is popular for playing a host character. He was seen in Sudhir Babu starrer Nannu Dochukundute and several other films.

Anchor Shiva

This guy is popular for interviewing Sunisith, the guy who claimed that Lavanya Tripathi married him and Saho was first proposed to her. Also, Shiva has done popular interviews on YouTube for which he became quite famous.

Hyper Original

Hyper Adi has gained fame with his Jabardartha comedy show aired on ETV. He has become famous for his sense of humor and spontaneity. He has done some really good pictures lately and in the news, if he is a part of this show, there is going to be a lot of entertainment for the audience.

Hyper Original

Hyper Original.Facebook

Pujitha Ponnada

This actress had a good name for herself and was part of many films. He was recently spotted running, a web series that aha, streaming on an OTT platform. He is part of the films Seven, Kalki, Brand Babu and many more.

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