BIL has increased UDF on domestic and international flights from Bangalore; Passengers will have to pay more for the ticket

To compensate for the loss of revenue, Bangalore International Airport Limited (BIAL) has increased the User Development Fee (UDF) for the departure of domestic and international passengers. The UDF is that airports are assigned to recover the cost of development work on passengers.

BIAL said in a press release on Saturday, May 30 that international passengers flying from KMPECADA International Airport (KIA) will have to bear Rs 739 as UDF fee, BIAL said in a press release.

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“The revised UDF for departure of passengers at KIA in Bangalore is Rs 184 per PACS (domestic) and Rs 839 per PACS (international),” a statement from the airport said. The new UDF will be applicable from June 1 for the year 2020-21.

Minimum increase in ticket prices for flights from Bangalore

UDF for domestic travelers has increased by 3 per cent (Rs 5), while those going abroad will surpass another 1 17 per cent (Rs 184). Earlier, the UDF was Rs 179 for domestic packs and Rs 716 for international packs. The overall ticket price for passengers leaving from the capital city of Karnataka will increase to a minimum.

As mentioned in BIL’s press release, the Airport Economic Regulatory Authority (ARA) has allowed KIA to increase fees to compensate for not closing the Fuel Throughput Charge (FTC). Airports across the country also suffered heavy losses as a result of the nationwide lockdown imposed to prevent the novel’s coronavirus.

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A BIAL spokesperson said, “On May 22, 2020, AIRA issued an order allowing BIAL to compensate BIAL for the loss of revenue due to the abolition of FTC and to allow UDF to increase the amount for FY 2020-21.”

On January 7, the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA) directed the ERA to instruct airport operators to stop FTC tariffs on aviation turbine fuel (ATF) in any form. “The MOCA issued an order on January 7, 2020 – addressing the AirA – instructing airport operators to stop charging fuel throughput charges (FTCs) at any airport, publicly, on airport turbine fuel (ATF),” the official said.

After a gap of two months, the flight started from May 25. Currently, only domestic flights are available. International flights are expected to resume before August, but a date has not yet been finalized, which will be followed by a third phase assessment of the situation.

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