Bollywood stars support Black Lives Matter – and skin-lightening creams

Critics say these Bollywood celebrities are fair-skinned – and two-faced.

Despite supporting skin-light facial creams in advertisements, Indian film stars are drawing intense attention to support the online Black Lives Matter movement.

Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra, 3 – the wife of singer Nick Jonas and one of India’s highest paid entertainers – shared a Post on Instagram Last week the public was urged to end the “nation war” following the death of George Floyd.

“No matter where you are, no matter what your situation, no one is claiming death, especially because of the skin color on someone else’s hand,” he wrote below the image, “” Please, I can’t breathe. “

However, observers quickly dismissed his comments, calling him a “hypocrite” for appearing in Garnier’s ad for the “fair” cream, which some people of color use to lighten their skin tone.

“In India, skin lightening creams were the face. Almost part of the problem, ”said one critic Posted on Twitter Including advertising.

In the ad, the star is shown posing next to a face lotion, which is described as “ultra-light pale and dark spot reduction cream”.

The Indian actress was also criticized for refraining from racism while promoting skin lightening creams.

“All colors are beautiful,” He wrote On Twitter – Pond will be called to appear in an ad for a product similar to “Fairness” Cream.

“The tradition is to voice #BlackLives Matter for cream ads for celebrities! You can change the world only if you change yourself first,” said Satyam Shivam, a critic. Insulted on Twitter.

Indian actor Abhay Deol criticized fellow celebrities, saying, “Now that Indian celebrities and the middle class are united in the fight against systemic racism in America, they will probably see how it manifests in their backyards.” According to the UK Metro.

Other Indian celebrities, including actresses Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor, were also condemned for speaking out on the Black Lives Matter movement to promote skin-lightening creams, the report said.

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