Boris Johnson outlines the UK reopening guideline

Although Personal distance is on the cardsAs businesses, schools and socialization prepare to slowly recover, he said, people outlined new reconstruction directions on how and where social media should be reintroduced.

“Unless they respect the rules of social distance,” he said, “as long as six people are allowed to meet outside, in parks and other private outdoor spaces,” he said.

“At the moment, as you know people can meet in parks but not in private parks – it was a cautious first step – but we know there is no difference in health risks,” he added.

However, people from different families should not be seen inside the house yet. They will be allowed to meet outside from Monday, he said – “if people from different families are two meters away and the rules of social distance are strictly followed”.

To the relief of many British parents, schools will be reopened for more children, starting with a few grades of nursery, pre-school, kindergarten and primary school.

“School closures have deprived children of their education and often it puts them at the highest risk of being among the most disadvantaged students,” Johnson said.

“On Monday, we will begin to establish this right in a safe way for nursery and other first year settings and receptions in primary schools, in primary schools for the first and one year six years. A fortnight later, on June 15, secondary schools will begin.” Provide some face-to-face contact time, ”he added.

And outdoor markets “where social distance is easier” and car show rooms can now open. Johnson noted that the restrictions would be further relaxed if retail and nonprofit stores were allowed to open by June 15.

The relaxation of the lockdown rule comes after a steady decline in death rates in the UK. From the 14 April 943 death toll, the UK announced 256 coronavirus-related deaths on Thursday – a significant but declining number.

In his speech, Johnson credited citizens for adhering to social distance guidelines when the epidemic was at its height in the UK and stressed the need to keep the virus under control.

“I can’t and won’t throw away all the gains we’ve made together and so the changes we’re making are limited and cautious,” he said.

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