Brother Dylan Spross reveals how Coley Spross is doing a post breakup with Lily Reinhart

Although the news of the breakup of Lily Rainhart and Cole Sprouse has become a topic of discussion in the city, the two have not yet released an official statement. However, Cole’s twin brother Dylan shared some insights into the actor’s life to give fans a jolt in his life after the breakup.

In an exclusive interview with Entertainment tonight, Dylan revealed that Cole is staying with fellow Riverdale actor KJ Apa. Dylan said, “I mean, he’s alive. He and KJ were able to live together in KJ’s place in Los Angeles early in the separation. So, they’re falling apart. “

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He added, “I’ve heard a lot of beautiful stories. I’ve heard they’re just lifting weights and eating cheese … I think they do it.”

Dylan revealed as Cole talked about what he was doing. “[Cole’s] Good. He’s getting better, he’s relaxing, and I talk to him every day. For every year of our lives we have facetime every day

Earlier it was reported that Cole and Lily had broken up before the lockdown began. So, it looks like ‘Bro Bonding’ is doing Cole something good. Whether the Riverdale couple really broke up or whether Cole is now looking at model, Kaya Garber, is yet to be confirmed. However, all parties are silent on the issue.

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It was fellow actor Skate Ulrich (who played Cole’s father in Riverdale) who indirectly confirmed their separation. On a live Instagram, Megan Blake Irwin emphasized the word ‘was’ while talking to Ulrich and his girlfriend, Cole and Lily.

“I think they were a very nice couple,” Ulrich said. Irwin added, “They were a very nice couple. They are both beautiful people.”

While parting ways with Brother Cole, Dylan himself set out to publish a series of his new comic books, Sun Eater.

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