Bubba Wallace fainted during a live Nascar interview

Bubba Wallace, driver of the Nascar Cup series, said he was fine Sunday night after hours of fainting after folding the Honor QuickTrip 500 on the Atlanta Motor Speedway.

After Wallace broke into the arms of his crew members after the camerawork was over, Fox interviewed him while he was sitting on the side of the road, and on camera he was seen alive again.

The events culminated in a long, humid and sensitive day in Atlanta, beginning with a race with Wallace after wearing an “I can’t breathe” T-shirt and stopping 40 cars while NASCAR President Steve Phelps was delivering a saw in the wake of George Floyd’s murder. The promise to resolve injustice is a message on their headsets.

Wallace is now the only black driver in the Cup series and took part in a video in which countless NASCAR drivers called for social justice. Fox also played the video before Sunday’s race.

During the speech, pit crew members stood on the wall in front of their pit boxes and a black NASCAR officer was seen walking on one knee – a gesture seen around the world by people protesting Floyd’s death at the hands of Minneapolis police last month. And a San Francisco 49ers quarterback used by Colin Kepernick who protested police abuse of blacks while playing the national anthem in 2016.

After interviewing Fox TV crew race winner Kevin Harwick, the broadcast showed Wallace with his crew members getting a light head while following the race before breaking into their arms. The driver then sat down on the side wall of Pitt Road and interviewed Wallace on Live Air.

“I don’t know. Long race I guess,” said Pete Road interviewer Jamie Little when asked what happened after the race. “I got up very quickly. I guess I was told I was going to mediate, and sat down and got up very quickly, and I panicked, light-headed.

“I feel good now. Fast fear for everyone

Bubba Wallace
Bubba Wallace before the race in AtlantaGetty Images

He then began to explain how his race went – he was 21st and landed on a lap – but then again with a light head bowed his head and appeared with his eyes closed.

When a member of his crew grabbed him, a voice called out, “Where’s the medical?”

“He’s not right,” Little said before cutting off the camera.

Fox later showed Wallace sitting on the wall in a state of alert and surrounded by crew members, Fox told NASCAR announcer Mike Joy, “Bubba Wallace is fine, the medical staff is teasing him.”

Wallace tweeted Sunday night:

“I’ve been sent to Gulag .. won … where I’m going. Aka I’m fine.”

Wallace, 26, has been in the Cup circuit for the fourth time in his fourth season and full-time for Richard Petty Motorsports for the third time. He has yet to win a career cup but has two top five and six in the top ten. He finished 10th in Bristol last weekend, the second top 10 of his season.

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