Cariminati’s birthday celebration continues as a trend for fans #HappyBirthdayKerry

Although Kariminati has been a popular YouTuber for some time, its popularity has skyrocketed in the last one month. He has spent a fair amount of time on the recent YouTube vs. Tiktok controversy and how far his hatred has come.

However, it seemed to him that his video was reborn like Phoenix on the other hand with Yalgar who broke the numero and incidentally he celebrated his birthday today. Fans are trending his name on Twitter, and are flooding social media with their wishes for the social media star.


Carimanina plays at 21, fan trends #HappyBirthdayKerry

Roast King of India, Kariminati is now a 21-year-old YouTuber. His video has been harsh for the past month or so since it was removed, and he has publicly debated freedom of speech and cyber bullying.

However, YouTuber came back after a fair run after colliding with Yalgar. Her latest video, released a week ago, has garnered more than 85 million views on the platform and has broken numerous records since its release. Despite the harsh techtown of her video, Carminati and her fans proved she couldn’t stop and she responded to her haters with a video much larger than her last.

Today at the age of 21 the glory of the YouTube star seems to continue and fans are flooding social media with greetings and memes trending on #HappyBirthday. The YouTube star is celebrating her birthday, and has previously posted a funny video on Instagram, “I am on my birthday”.

He tweeted about his birthday yesterday, “I turned 21 tomorrow. I don’t really see the funniest thing you have on your birthday when you were a kid. (It hurts but it was fun, now just cut your cake and have a happy birthday sir) ”

Fans are busy greeting him, of course it has become special:

Happy Birthday Carminati!

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