Carol Baskin of Tiger King sells cheetah print face masks

Baskin, who appeared in the hugely popular Netflix documentary “Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness”, is officially selling cat-themed face masks.

These come in two styles – a black and a leopard print – but both show a bright cat smile and Baskin’s tagline, “Hey you’re all cool cats and kittens.”

Masks, Available at, ড 11 each. A portion of the earnings are obviously according to the product description, but the first responders will support the big cats.
In 2020, masks are not just for protection - they are being used to make a statement

The Big Cat Rescue, a wildlife sanctuary in Tampa, Florida, has been closed to the public due to the epidemic. But that didn’t stop her from providing daily updates for her fans on the sanctuary’s Facebook page – and going back against some of the drama.

“There’s no point in being frustrated to see that the only goal of this series … was to be as meaningful and exciting as possible to attract viewers,” Baskin wrote. Blog post titled “Denial of Netflix Tiger King”.
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According to Netflix, millions of family members around the world are watching “Tiger King”, ATC makers and other online retailers are cashing in on the trend by selling masks of the feature. Joe Exotic And sculptural Laughter of her ex-husband John Finlay.

Now, fans can get produced by one of the show’s topics

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