Central Park ‘Karen’ Amy Cooper discusses charges with NYPD DA

A police official said Friday that NYPD is working at the Manhattan DA’s office to determine if any charges could be brought against a white woman who called police against a black woman in Central Park.

“Our detectives are working hand-in-hand with the Manhattan District Attorney’s Office at the moment,” said Terrence Mohnahan, chief of the NYPD division, in an interview with WPIX.

“Of course, if we don’t want to be arrested [DA’s office] I’m not sure they can sue, “said Manohan.

“So we’re checking out what the calls were, talking to Christians, talking to Amy, talking to everyone involved, watching all the videos to see if the charge is up.”

Mohnahan added, “That’s why Hai Chai, what happened because of his call, we condemn the move and if we can make this arrest, we will.”

“If it’s a false call and we can prove it, there could be an arrest. If someone intentionally makes a false call and we can prove it, they will be arrested immediately.” It has no place in this city, ”he said.

Christian Cooper filmed the now-viral encounter with Amy Cooper on Monday after she talked about shaking her dog at the park’s Rambler.

Amy told the bird enthusiast that she was going to call the police and say “there’s an African-American man threatening my life.”

On Thursday, Mayor Bill de Blasio suggested that Amy should be investigated for falsely accusing Christians of making false threats to her.

“I think there’s a very legitimate question about calling the police for a false claim of a crime,” Hijoner said during his daily press briefing.

“I do not know the law, but that is what I will look at. Has he committed a crime by making false accusations against someone? I think that’s what we need to be more perfect. “

The NYPD had earlier said that the city commission on human rights would not bring charges against Amy under investigation.

De Blasio, who said earlier this week that Amy had shown “racism” and “hatred”, called the incident “disgusting.”

“It just says how much more we need to do to fix things in this country and this city,” he said Thursday.

This face-to-face video has caused widespread outrage among viewers for calling Amy a racist “Karen” and for white girls who have called social media police for blackless incidents.

Amy – who apologized for the incident because she was not a racist – fired investment firm Franklin Templeton when the Central Park Civic Association called for her to be banned from the park.

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