China’s latest push to Taiwan hints at Beijing competing against Taipei to fulfill its ‘reunification’ dream

China has recently changed the threat to its approach to realizing its dream of capturing Taiwan by removing the word “peaceful” from the so-called “reconciliation statement”. Presenting a report on the government’s work in 2020, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang said Beijing would continue to oppose and resist any “separatist activities” seeking Taiwan’s independence.

China claims the island as its territory and Taiwan considers itself an independent country.Representative images

“We adhere to the core principles and principles of work related to Taiwan and strongly oppose and resist any separatist activity seeking ‘Taiwan’s independence'” and “we encourage them (Taiwan’s colleagues) to join us in opposing Taiwan’s independence.” And promoting China’s reunification, “Li said in a statement.

However, in the 2019 report, Lee used the term “peaceful reunion” in Taiwan. “We will support the one-China policy and the 1992 Censorship, the peaceful development of bilateral relations on Taiwan’s coast, and the pursuit of China’s peaceful reunification,” he said a year ago.

Beijing has not abandoned the military system

As the ties between China and Taiwan continue to decline, the move indicates that Beijing may consider armed competition to fulfill its “reunification” dream. The Chinese daily Global Times, which is considered the mouthpiece of the government, said that Beijing has not abandoned a peaceful approach to the Taiwan issue, but that the military could be used even in the worst of circumstances.

“… As the mainland has steadily strengthened its position over the past decades, the military system has never been abandoned because when separatists and foreign forces completely separate the island, it is the ultimate solution to the worst situation. From China,” he said. Global Times quotes Li Xiaobing, a Taiwanese research expert at Nankai University in Tianjin Said.

In fact, Chinese President Xi Jinping also hinted at armed competition when he spoke to the 19th Party Congress last year about the future of Taiwan. “We have strong will, full confidence and the ability to defeat any form of Taiwan’s independence secessionist conspiracy,” he said.

Experts believe that if the economic and political approach is not effective, China will resort to military means, but the United States may still be a hindrance because its almost certain Washington will intervene. “If the economic and political perspectives don’t work, the rest of the military system is there. The mainland will not be victorious in US intervention,” said Dr. Simton Uname, director of the China program at Theme Tank in the United States.

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