Chinese telecom companies have been operating in the United States without supervision for years

China has been a trio of telecom companies operating in US telecommunications for nearly two decades without proper oversight of government agencies, a report said on Tuesday.

The bipartisan Senate Standing Subcommittee on Investigation has failed to respond to national security threats posed by the three organizations, China Telecom America, China Unicom America and Comnet USA. Hill reported.

Since 2002, the three companies have built relationships with major U.S. carriers and established a nationwide presence.

The report said the Federal Communications Commission used a telecom team made up of officials from the Department of Justice, Homeland Security and Defense to oversee foreign telecom companies, the report said.

However, the Senate report noted that Team Telecom does not have the statutory authority and resources to play this role.

It went to China Telecom America and Comnet USA twice in a decade and China never contacted Unicom America.

The Senate report called on the FCC to review the three bodies and, if necessary, create a process to revoke the approval.

It asked Congress to give Tim Telecom the necessary authority to carry out its duties.

“Since the subcommittee began its investigation, companies have stepped up their oversight of Chinese state-owned carriers,” the report said. “The administration also recently issued an executive order to form a formal committee to review the national security and law enforcement risks posed by foreign carriers operating in the United States.”

The report warned that “our country, our privacy and our information are at risk because of the limited authority of Team Telecom.”

Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), chairman of the panel, said he and Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.), A ranking Democrat on the committee, will introduce legislation to ensure federal agencies have the “necessary tools to oversee and enforce” to protect our telecommunications networks going forward. “

“The Chinese Communist Party uses its own proprietary initiatives to carry out cyber and economic espionage against the United States and has been using our telecommunications networks for nearly two decades, while the federal government has historically made little effort to stop it,” Portman said in a statement. .

The Trump administration has warned of security threats posed by telecommunications companies and how they help Chinese intelligence agencies in their spying efforts.

In April, the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, the Department of Defense, and the Department of Commerce recommended that the FCC remove China Telecom with its federal approval.

The FCC voted last year to block China Mobile from the American market.

The company blacklisted Chinese telecom giant Huawei, blacklisting 5G equipment makers.

President Trump has signed into law a law prohibiting federal agencies from buying equipment from Huawei due to national security concerns.

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