Coco Goff speaks in protest of the Black Lives Matter: “We need to change now.”

Coco Gough can’t vote, but that doesn’t mean he can’t make a difference. The 1-year-old American tennis star is playing her part as protests erupted across the country after the murder of African-American George Floyd by a white Minneapolis police officer.

Goff took part in a recent Black Lives Matter protest in his suburban town of Flare Flash and gave a speech.

“I think it’s sad that I’m protesting the same thing here [my grandmother] Even 50 years ago, ”Goff said.“ So I’m telling you here that we should love each other no matter what first. We must have strong conversations with our friends. Trying to educate my non-black friends about how they can help with this movement, I spent the whole week having tough conversations. Second, we need to take action. “

During the speech, Goff said there are many ways people can make a difference, such as voting and using their voice.

“I saw a quote from a Dr. (Martin Luther) who said, ‘The silence of a good man is worse than the brutality of a bad man,'” he said. “So, you should not be silent.

Goof is also active on social media. When Roger Federer joined the social media #blackoutout movement on Tuesday by posting a black square, he posted a link to, which provides a variety of ways to make a difference through grants, applications and other organizations.

“It’s not just about George Floyd,” he said during the peaceful protest. “It’s about Trevon Martin. It’s about Eric Garner. It’s about Brecona Taylor. It’s about the stuff that happens. I was eight years old when Trevon Martin died. So why am I still demanding a change here at 16? And it breaks my heart because I am fighting for the future of my brothers. I am fighting for the future of my future children. I am fighting for the future of my future grandchildren. So, we need to change now. “

Goofy’s actions caught the attention of former No. 1 ex-Kim Klizsters.

“Thank you for the girl my daughter will learn from and look for,” Clevesters wrote on Twitter. “I promise that we will urge our children to do the right thing so that they can pass it. It starts at home! “

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