Confession of a ‘friendly’ creator

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  • Martha Kaufman, co-creator of “Friends”, was emotional when she admitted that she regretted the lack of variety in the show.
  • Celebrities from Obama to Oprah are stepping in as speakers at the virtual graduation ceremony.
  • And Chris Cuomo literally got caught up with his pants – and everything

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There was a lack of variety of friends

Martha Kaufmann
Martha KaufmannGetty Images

When Marta Kaufman, creator of “Women” and “Grace and Frankie,” began her career during a powerful panel discussion with the female showrunner, she got up to ask what she wanted to know.

“I hope I knew what I knew today,” said the 633-year-old Couchman, who apologized for tearing up the panel. “Sorry, I wish I knew what I know now. I will make a very different decision. “

He continued, “I mean we’ve always encouraged a variety of people in our organization, but I haven’t done enough and now what can I do? What can I do differently? How can I run my show in a new way?” It’s something I not only knew when I started showing up, but I wish I knew all the way through the last year. “

A-list graduate speakers

Beyonc ন Knowles-Carter
Beyonc ন Knowles-CarterGetty Images for Gareth Catermol / Disney

As a virtual graduate of YouTube’s “Favorite Class of 2020,” Beyonc ন Knowles-Carter made powerful statements about the Black Lives Matter movement and sexuality in the music industry.

The singer began by congratulating the high school seniors who persevered for an unprecedented time in the country.

“Congratulations on the 2020 class, you have come here to express the global crisis, the racial epidemic and the global outrage to kill another unarmed black fool. And you still made it, we’re proud of you, ”he said.

Kuomo’s birthday-suit broadcast

Chris Cuomo
Chris Cuomo’s wife Christina was caught naked in the background of the yoga video.Getty Images

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was apparently caught naked in his Hampton Mans garden during a social media yoga session featuring his wife, Christina Griven Cuomo.

Andrew Cuomo, the younger brother of the New York governor, is seen grabbing stuff on the outside ass of his Southampton home.

During an Instagram live yoga video created by Christina, the 49-year-old was seen naturally outside, caught from behind through a large window in their home. The video was quickly deleted after it was filmed on May 2nd, but not before some le gall-eyed followers caught absolutely nude screenshots.

Reporters from CNN and the host of “His Quimo Prime Time” did not respond to multiple calls and emails.

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