Coronavirus in the Netherlands: Prime Minister Mark Rutte has not complied with a dead mother’s coronavirus lockdown for weeks

Root announced Monday that his mother, 96-year-old Mike Root-Dealing, had died on May 13. He did not die Covid 19.

The Prime Minister paid tribute to him in a statement. “In addition to the great sorrow and all the fond memories, my family and I also felt a sense of gratitude that we were allowed to stay with him for so long,” he wrote. “We now bid him farewell to the family and hope to be able to deal with this enormous loss in peace in the near future.”

Ruth’s announcement comes after other political figures faced questions about their conduct under the lockdown.

The latest scandal to unfold took place in the UK, Dominic Cummings after it was publishedPrime Minister Boris Johnson’s main political ally traveled 200 miles in England at a time when the public was being urged not to leave their homes.

A spokesman for Root told CNN on Tuesday that the Dutch prime minister had “complied with all restrictions on the coronavirus and had not seen his mother for more than eight weeks.”

“However, the ban has left room to say goodbye to a family member who died in the last episode. The prime minister was with his mother on his last night.”

More than two months ago, the Netherlands imposed restrictions, In the middle of March, To prevent the spread of the virus.
As of Tuesday, the virus has infected more than 45,000 people in the country and killed more than 5,800 people, According to data from Johns Hopkins University.
The Netherlands is slowly easing sanctions, with secondary schools, cafes and restaurants set to reopen in June, Reuters reported.

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