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Latin America is losing the fight against coronavirus.

As a global number Covid-19 victims top 400,000, The region has become an epidemic hotspot.

Latin America has recorded about 1.2 million cases and more than 60,000 deaths. But these numbers may be enough, Matt Reverse Report. This is because test rates are low in several countries and many Kovid-19 deaths are not reported.

Brazil, the region’s worst-hit country, has reported a new record number of deaths in the past three days. According to a survey released this week, by June 20, Brazil will probably see 10 million cases and 50,000 deaths.

But Toll has become more difficult to find. On Thursday, President Zaire Bolsonaro’s government stopped reporting the total number, the day Brazil’s death toll surpassed Italy’s. It removed the synthesized data from the official tracker and said it would only report new cases and deaths every day.

“The manipulation of statistics is a strategy devised by authoritarian rulers.

A handful of countries in the region – Uruguay, Belize and Costa Rica – have so far been able to limit the spread of the disease. How? Initial response, segregation system, an efficient tracing-and-isolation system and random testing.

George Floyd’s protesters say it makes the carnivirus brave: “Obviously, even if people are a little closer than the proposed six-foot distance, that’s what I think We’re so important“One of the thousands of protesters who marched in Washington DC yesterday,” said Foster.

Health experts have expressed concern that the virus has spread among protesters despite the fact that most people, including Foster, wear masks and try to keep their distance.

Despite the discomfort, more 1000 health professionals Cornavirus has signed a letter expressing concern that the protests could be stopped under cover of protection. And they provide tips on how to keep protests in place.

“White hegemony is a serious public health problem that predicts and contributes to Covid-19,” they wrote.

The epidemic began to jump to liberate the Americans under Iran: In a bizarre twist of fate, the release of Iranian navy veteran Michael White from Iranian custody this week could be a sign of his independence from the coronavirus outbreak.

When he and the United States were detained and infected with the virus, it presented an opportunity to begin the subtle negotiations that led to the end of his release, Vivian Salama reports.

If you don’t have internet access, what does the coronavirus look like: With most parts of the world shutting down in recent months, billions of people have seen the carnivirus crisis through the seemingly universal window: the Internet.

Eliza McIntosh reports For those billions who will be offline, lockdown means instant access to important public health information, Remote work Opportunity, Online education, Telemedicine Appointment, Digital Grocery supply, Live Stream Religious Services – Marriage And janaza – and in many other ways we are now living our lives online.

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