Delta is working with the union to prevent 2,300 pilots from fleeing

On Sunday, Delta Air Lines Inc. (DLN) and its pilot union said they were working to save about 2,300 pilots from Falu following a change in staffing to keep up with the 2021 summer flight.

Delta said this month that it has more pilots than it needs as its network and fleet shrink due to declining demand from the COVID-19 epidemic, but is working to avoid unethical nonsense.

Following the results of the so-called “surplus” bid on Sunday, employees were asked to apply for an available location at one of Delta’s seven U.S. pilots’ airports. The Delta Master Executive Council (MEC) of the Line Pilots Association (ALPA) said in a statement.

Delta confirmed the release of the bid results “to better align our staff with our future flight demand” and said it was “looking at all options to mitigate or reduce furloughs and will continue to work with ALPA to explore these options in the coming weeks.”

Atlanta-based Delta announced Thursday the details of options that include cash disbursements, full healthcare coverage and travel benefits for non-union workers, including about 91,000 employees.

Major US airlines, which have received billions of dollars in taxpayer support for payrolls, have warned everyone that they will have to reduce their workforce after the government’s ban on job cuts expires on September 30.

After the demand for air travel virtually disappeared in April, U.S. airline officials pointed to a few green shoots, but the industry is not expected to return to pre-epidemic passenger traffic for at least three years.

The ALPA said it would continue to meet with Delta on possible start-up or voluntary leave programs, adding that it was “hopeful that management will be involved with the ALPA to secure pilot jobs.”

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