Deux Ex Gender Swap Allows You Play The Entire Activity As A Woman

The cover art for the Lay D Denton project

Image: Lay D Denton

The Lay D Denton mod is a substantial venture that can take the original Deus Ex and allows you participate in via the entire detail not as a gruff cyberpunk dude, but as a gruff cyberpunk girl alternatively.

If you are thinking that just suggests a fast character model swap, you could not be even further from the real truth. This is in depth, and has resulted in modifications being manufactured to the entire activity:

The Lay D Denton Venture was began to fulfill a key feature slice from the primary game the ability to select the protagonist’s gender. While a product swap and a vocal plugin could build a inexpensive facsimile, we felt this would be woefully insufficient. Immersion is a main element of the Deus Ex working experience, and a 50 percent-applied female JC Denton would sabotage that. Both we do it proper or we shouldn’t trouble.

This is our endeavor at doing it ideal.

The mod staff has created the venture all-around 4 important tenets. People are voice performing (each individual solitary one of Denton’s 1700 traces of dialogue has been redone by a new voice actor), redesigned NPCs (to greater reflect their attainable associations with a girl protagonist), a new player product (which has had its audio outcomes re-recorded, and which stands 50 % a head shorter than the first) and, potentially most impressively, an endeavor to dig back again into the activity and make pronoun edits on the full factor, changing just about every one “He” to “She”, and each “Guy” to “Girl”.

That’s all just these types of a huge amount of perform to do for a mod, but like they claimed, there’s no position undertaking it except it is completed correct, and they have undoubtedly performed right here.

Here’s an case in point of the acting and rewrites in motion with a trailer:

Even though for enthusiasts wanting to know about some of the far more unforgettable strains of dialogue from the unique, here’s this:

If you are interested, you can download the mod right here.

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