Donald Trump has invited Prime Minister Modi to attend the G7 summit: China is not happy

US President Donald Trump has left China again. This time, not with a string of disguised remarks or accusations, but with his growing friendship with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Trump has expressed a desire to add more members to the G7 summit to become the G10 or G11 soon. A significant addition would probably be India based on Trump’s invitation and China is not satisfied with it.

Trump has postponed the G7 summit until September. In addition to India, Trump is expected to welcome Russia, Australia and South Korea to the G7 summit. The G7 is a group of the top seven developed economies, including the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Italy, Japan and Canada. The leaders of these countries meet annually to discuss global governance, including climate change, security and the economy.

G7 Summit Discussions

Trump and Modi talk on the telephone

President Trump and Prime Minister Modi exchanged a long conversation over the phone, where the US President also expressed his desire to include India in the G-7 summit and invited the Indian Prime Minister to attend the next conference to be held in the United States. Modi praised Trump’s creative and far-sighted approach and said India would be happy to work alongside other countries to ensure the success of the proposed summit.

In addition to the G7 talks, Prime Minister Modi and President Trump have discussed a number of US states, including civil unrest, the Indo-China border dispute, and the need for reform within the WHO.


Trump’s move has left China in the red

Trump’s move to include India in the growing G-summit amid growing Indo-China border conflict has left China red-faced. Trump even offered to mediate between India and China to resolve the border dispute.

In response to Trump’s proposed change in the G-bloc, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said any attempt to find a small circle against China could fail.

“China believes that all international organizations and conferences should be conducive to mutual trust between countries in order to maintain multilateralism, promote world peace and development. We believe that this number is a role for most countries in the world. Any attempt to find a smaller circle is against China There are consequences to failing and not being popular, ”Zhao said.

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