Examine what is the greatest thing in the history of the Devils and the Islands

In the week-long series, the post looks at alternative realities in New York sports. Today’s edition looks at what would have happened if the Renault had acquired 19-year-old Eric Lindros in 1992.

What-if devils

The consequences of the franchise were reversed in July 1991 when arbitrator Judge Edward Houston would reward Rod Brindmore and Curtis Joseph in the hands of the devils in exchange for Scott Stevens as a compensation from the Blues for signing free agent Brendon Shanahan.

In those days, arbitration clubs decided to pay compensation for signing Group I free agents if they could not agree. The devil and the blues can’t agree. St. Louis offered the 19-year-old center and the 22-year-old goaltender, each of whom has been in the NHL for two seasons. New Jersey General Manager Law Lamorelio requested Stevens.

Forget it, for a moment, the net was added to Joseph’s agency that was drafted in 1990 by Martin Brodier, who still made the net before breaking into the league with one more year of junior and a full season at AHL. His Calder winner in 1993-94. Forget it, for whatever reason, Brand’Amour was removed from St. Louis shortly after the decision was made, with Ron Sutter and Murray Baron being sent to the Flyers with Dan Quinn.

Just consider that Stevens was essential on and off the ice through three Devils championships in the nine years since 1995.

No Stevens, no Stanley Cup.

Not what-if it’s about.

What-if islanders

Perhaps the Islanders could not have beaten the Canadians in the final of the 1993 conference if Pierre Tarzion had all the power, and perhaps the Stanley Cup could have been won if the Islanders had not beaten the Kings in the final. He could not win even after getting the number 77. We will never know?

This is if the franchise is hanging on to the fact that the strongest player was deprived of his power after Dale Hunter’s cowardly hit from behind Tarzion, and when the center celebrated the goal that gave the Islands a 5-1 victory. The road between the third period of what will be the first round cleaning game be.

Hunter was suspended in the first 21 games of the following season, but it was rarely a salvage for the islands or Tarzian, who recorded 132 points (56-744) during the year but will miss the next round against the Penguins on a separate shoulder. . It was the series where the Islanders won seven of the two defending champions Penguins’ overs in a game overtime by David Volek.

Tarzion came back in the final four games of the conference final and compromised across despite recording five points (2-3). These charismatic islands of Steve Thomas, Derrick King, Benoit Hogg, Ray Ferraro, Pat Flaletti, Vlad Malakhov, Glenn Haley and Cong fell short, losing five to Patrick Roy and the Montreal team that will win the Kings in five. The final.

Could the islanders have beaten the 5th Cup Great Gretzky with a healthy Tarzan? They must have made pretty good shots. They definitely wanted to know.

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