Fabio Weber swaps mountains for washing machine stunts during lockdown

For Fabio Wimber However, once she has finished washing her clothes, white things provide the perfect barrier to her subsequent curiosity.

The Austrian cycling sensation, whose videos have been widely followed on Instagram and YouTube, erupted during the lockdown.

Where he had previously used railings and walls in various cities around the world for his stunts, the 24-year-old is earning the most of what he got at home in this video.

Her “Home Office” video, which was viewed more than 1.6 million times a day and now has more than seven million views, involves Wimber engaging in strategies using household appliances and sports equipment around her home.

For Wimber and her friends at home, the ability to produce this video and focus on “thinking out of the box” helped her spend time at home while she was stuck. Coronavirus is worldwide.
“I was walking through the house and garage. And then for example, I saw my bike standing and And then I thought it might be really cool to jump on it.” CNN Sport

“We really enjoyed it because we had a rhythm, it was like a mission to do something and we got our passion at that point.

“I think the whole team was very happy to be in a situation where we could do something at home rather than just watch Netflix or whatever.”

Wimber maintains balance on the outside of her home window.

Adapting to the surroundings

When Wimber embarked on the journey at the age of six, he traveled the streets of Paris and Hamburg around the world to film stunts in Tenerife and Vancouver.

In the context of worldwide living, he was told that he would have to stay at home in Austria to be “super crazy” for Wimber.

“I was there with my roommates and then we just thought, ‘Well, let’s try our best and be creative and do something’ ‘and so I had to bring my biking playground to my house from the street and the hill.”

A bike near Wimber is not just for riding ...

“For people like me, I would play outside of my bike and ride my bike somewhere else, but not at home. At first I didn’t really know what to do because I don’t usually ride home.”

Even for someone experienced as a Wimber, it has taken countless attempts to perfect some of the stunts featured in the video.

Wimber said he tried the basketball trick shot, where he used the rear wheel of his bike to hit the ball to the hoop “about 600 times”.

“I think out of the 60,000 attempts we had, maybe 10 attempts went that way, but they’re definitely not in the basket.

“I mean we didn’t really have any stress, so it was actually much cooler. It took us a total of four to five weeks to get everything.”

Wimber jumped from the roof of her house and climbed a tree.


Weber’s stunts have helped him become one of the best riders in the biking scene, with his videos garnering over 70,000 million views. His “Wimber Law” The video has been viewed more than 83 million times.

His popularity has grown with his development of the ability to inspire people in the biking community.

Wimber Somersault has moved out of her home.

“With my passion for riding and biking I can inspire a lot of people and a lot of kids, which is really cool,” explains Wimber.

“The country of biking has still been able to reach a lot of people and inspire many. It’s really great and really inspires me and makes me excited for every video.”

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