Fans of Rashmika Mandanna want her to play the role of Lily and Gita in Vijay Devarkanda again

Actress Rashmika Mandanna asked her fans what kind of role they want in the upcoming movie. Many of them said that they would like to see her again in the role of Lily and Gita in Vijay Devarkanda’s film.

Rashmika Mandanna was released in 2020 with two releases like Suririlu Nekaveru and Bhishma and both have become hits to the audience. The actress has lined up for the shooting of three more big-ticket movies like Pogaru, Sultan and Pushpa. The novel was self-contained after the outbreak of the coronavirus. He is known to be reading some interesting scripts for the future.

Gita Govindam

The popular South Indian actress is also trying to connect with her fans through social media and understand their likes and dislikes. Recently, Rashmika Mandanna sought their advice to change their name. The next day, she asked them what kind of role she would like to play now. She tweeted, “What kind of movies and characters do you want me to see in the future and I’m interested. Give me a reference – the best!”

Rashmika Mandanna’s post received a response with 27,200 likes and 2,400 retweets. She has received over 4,900 answers, including suggestions for the kind of role she wants to play in her upcoming film. He spread the light by playing the role of Lily and Gita as Vijay Devarkanda’s favorite comrade and Gita Govindam and many fans want his victory and can play a similar role again.

Here are some fan responses to Rashmika Mandanna’s tweet:

Dear comrade

Dear comradeTwitter

Prashant @ Prashan 59098589 89

Are we #VD11 or #VD12 @Daverakonda as Police Officer @ IRRshmika’s Lead Actress Director – Rohit Sethi (Police Film Specialist) Producer – Dharma Movie Pan 100% Blockbuster Ka Baap Can I expect all my dream combinations 2021or22?

Vivek Patel @ Vivek_Patel_45

If you want to do more Tollywood and Kannada movies with the same character like Lily and Gita we like #MazarCrush #Rashmikamandan #Rush

Rashmika Antepranam @ Rashmikahart

Good evening chat I like the part of #dire comrade lily you have lived best in the character of lily, the best of this kind of movie @IamRashmika

Psycho.Pogrammer @psychoprogramm

I want to see you in a character you have never done before. I want to see you in a psychological thriller where you are mentally frustrated by all the wrong things that happen around women. Then you kill those responsible. (1/2)

Arnav Malhotra @ Arnavmalhotra 19

Just comedy drama movies like Gita Govindam … !! Your chemistry with Vijay Debrakanda Sir is fantastic .. I want you to work with Vijay Debrakonda Sir again

Rashmika fans

You actually have the look of a Tamil girl and you are very beautiful in conventional attire, please film a full Tamil girl attire. Pawada Thawani Get Up Gita Attitude Will Be An Unforgettable Treat For All Fans

Chirag Mittal @ chiragmittal16k

Romantic movies and also want to see you in some action movies. I love you @ IRRshmika mam. Tora ❤ handshake # Rashmikamandanna

Critic @ Critic_TVF

I want you to act in those ItemRevise Anna movies soon


Krit in historical films like #Jalpeet such as @Prakritisan, #Bahubali #Anushkasheti. ItionaliamRashmika ika with traditional tihyabahi dress

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