Foki says it is “incorrect” to suggest a synthetic infection of Kovid-19

The U.S. government will fund the original study for three experimental coronavirus vaccines and have developed them Moderna, Oxford University / AstraZeneca, And Johnson and Johnson, Dr. Anthony Fawcett confirmed to CNN.

The three-stage trial, which typically involves several thousand people and will measure whether a vaccine is safe and effective, will begin with Moderna in July, Oxford / AstraZeneca in August and Johnson & Johnson in September.

Funding and testing were first reported by the Wall Street Journal.

“Efforts for the coronavirus vaccine are going very well and we hope that the vaccine for more than one candidate will come up with advanced clinical trials in early summer,” said Fausi Sayuto, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. “This is good news for the overall coronavirus vaccine effort.”

The three trials at each stage are expected to be completed on more than 50 sites, mostly in the United States, but probably in other countries as well. The tests, which are expected to include about 30,000 people, will begin only after there is sufficient evidence of safety and effectiveness from previous testing stages.

The U.S. government may also plan a three-stage trial for the currently growing additional coronavirus vaccine.

According to the World Health Organization, there are currently 10 and 126 more vaccines in human trials.

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