For the first time, Twitter has labeled Trump’s tweets fact-checked

On Tuesday, the social media agency highlighted two of Trump’s tweets that falsely claimed in the mail-in ballot that could cause widespread voter fraud.

At the bottom of each tweet read a message “Get information about mail-in ballot”. This is a Fact-check page This platform was filled with more links and article summaries to publish the report.

Twitter said the move was aimed at providing “context” around Trump’s comments. But Twitter’s unprecedented move will raise further questions about his willingness to consistently label Trump’s other tweets, which are considered misleading by third parties, especially the former president’s rep. Joe has investigated baseless allegations about Scarborough’s death. Congress workers years ago.

Twitter said Tuesday that Trump’s tweets about mail-in voting did not violate the agency’s rules because they did not explicitly discourage people from voting. However, the agency said, the label provides context around Trump’s claims.

“These tweets (Here And Here) Contains potentially misleading information about the voting process and is labeled to provide additional context around the mail-in ballot, “Twitter spokeswoman Katie Rosbaro told CNN Business in an email.” This decision is consistent with the approach we have shared before This month. “

Roseborough confirmed that this is the first instance where Twitter has identified a Trump tweet as misleading.

The company did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether the data-testing page was aggregated or whether it was generated algorithmically.

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