Former Dream Street musician Chris Trussdale dies of coronavirus at age 34

Chris Trussdale, a former member of the short-lived boy band Dream Street, has died after a fight with Ciovid-19. He is 34 years old.

TMZ, Who is reporting?, According to a family member, Transdale died Tuesday at a hospital in Burbank, California, from complications from carnivirus.

“Chris left this world at 8:44 last night after a terrible fight [an] Acute strip infection that shuts down her body, ”commented On his Instagram He is survived by a woman named Jane Gaggle, who worked at the Pacific Ballet Dance Theater, with whom Trussdal worked. “Chris was in a coma in life support when he passed.”

Trossdale joined Dream Street, which also counted Jesse McCartney among its members. The group, made up of producers Louis Baldoniri and Brian Luko, aims to capitalize on the mainstream teenage pop in 199 Productions, the group was already young but old. NYC acting and Broadway scenes. Their songs “It’s Every Time” and “I Say It” were Radio Disney hits and their self-titled debut became gold.

The party split in 2002 after a lawsuit was filed by their parents Widespread allegations of harsh behavior From Baldoniri and Luko, as well as encouraging sleep with teenagers and providing alcohol and pornography.

Despite starring in the Dream Street movie “The Biggest Fan,” Trasdale spent more time on his solo career than McCartney. He continued to act in smaller roles and finally auditioned for “The Voice” in 2012, but failed to achieve it in blind auditions. At the time he was working as a waiter in a sushi restaurant.

“It’s very hard to serve someone and he’s like, ‘What are you doing here, you were my idol, I put you on the wall of my bedroom,'” He says on the show.

“Chris was one of a kind and he was always the brightest light at any stage,” Gaggle read. “Thank you for the love you gave him. He finally felt it and I’m sure he’ll see it from heaven. “

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