Former packer Blake Martinez will be the key to why the Giants defense

Episode eight In a series Analysis of the New York Giants.

Dynamic is not a word that makes people stand in the middle of their defense like linebackers when the Giants keep an eye on the players instantly. It seems to be present as a higher and less-high on the smarts in something outstanding in terms of irresistible physical efficiency.

It all comes down to this: Do you believe in Blake Martinez? The number he made in four years at Green Bay makes it hard to doubt – his 512 total tackles (331 singles) trailing Bobby Wagner’s 599 tackles, second in the NFL in that span. The quality of those tackles thrown at Martinez, as his critics say, has pushed the ball-career far beyond the line of intervention.

Martinez called it “a misconception of mine” and explained that the Packers were responsible for his very small gap in the defense, making it difficult for him to deal with losses or gains of 1- or 2-yards.

“I was taught and told to be a clean-up crew man,” he said.

Martinez made an impact based on the number of run-stop percentages compiled by Pro Football Focus – fourth in the NFL last season, just behind the Panthers’ Luke Cachley, among all off-ball linebackers. Martinez was 15th among all the defensive players, while rookie linebacker Devin White (the Buchananians took five overall) and Devin Bush (ten by the Steelers).

Blake Martinez
Blake MartinezP

The Packers did not follow Martinez with any initiative in the free agency. The Giants made him a priority and signed him to a three-year, three-million-dollar contract.

“I think so [the Packers] Appreciate the position of the internal linebacker, especially as that defense, I don’t think it’s as valuable as other places, ”Martinez said.

New giant coordinator Patrick Graham needs an orchestra to defend the multi-project put together, and Martinez, who plays at Stanford, has the conductor’s baton. Graham was the coach of his position at Green Bay in 2018 and Graham gave his approval stamp.

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“Martinez has given us a guy who has played in the system for Pat Graham and will make us stand in line,” said general manager Dave Gettleman. “I think this scheme suits him better.”

Graham’s system is expected to give Martinez more freedom to respond to scraps left behind by the defensive lineman in front of him and to create drama in the gaps.

Growing up in Tucson, Ariz, Martinez helped his father, Mike, own a construction company. At the age of 10, Blake’s main responsibility was to find and remove every nail left behind at work using a small magnet. Concentrating on the ethics and detail of that work would be a welcome addition to the Giants defense that everyone needs someone to organize.

“Overall, I’m going to have a lot of freedom to check, call and adjust to the pre-snapshot of the play to give the boys a chance to make plays,” Martinez said. “There’s going to be a lot of communication across the board.”

It can be seen who is paired with Martinez inside. Wisconsin’s fifth-round Ryan Cannelly of 2019 made a quick and very positive impression on the previous coaching regime, with obstacles in his way to the lineup early in the 2nd week but went down with a torn ACL against Redskins, ending his rookie year in the 4th week. , Conscious and innate, Connolly, if he returns to perfect health – but three He hoped that he was ready to take part in training camp – may be appropriate for you to match with Martinez.

As general manager of Carolina, Gattleman took David Mayo to the fifth round of the 2015 draft and is partially in his favor. Mayo started a career-high 11 games last season, replacing injured Alex Oglettri and Connelly, as well as a run-stopper. He was awarded a three-year contract worth ারের 8.4 million with a লার 3.5 million guarantee this year.

TJ Brunson (South Carolina) and Ta Croder (Georgia), two in-line linebackers in the seventh round of the draft, will try to build a roster and take part in special teams before taking on any defense responsibilities.

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