From Diaper Changes to Baby Feeding: Gautam Gupta Reveals Fatherhood [Exclusive]

Popular television couple Smriti Khanna and Gautam Gupta, who met on the set of Mary Aashiqui Tum Se Hai, got married a few years back. And now, the beautiful couple is the father of the daughter Anaika. Not only is the couple embracing paternity, they are spending most of the lockdown time with the family and the younger one.

On the work front, Gautam and Smriti’s latest track ‘Wajah’ released a week ago has garnered a response from their fans.

In an exclusive interview with International Business Times India, Actor Gautam Gupta spoke at length about embracing paternity, what caused him to be handed over by her husband and father, spreading the beans over the success of her new single ‘Wajah’ and her filling relationship over the millennium.

Parts of the conversation:

Embrace fatherhood

It’s an amazing feeling and I must say, it’s the best part of anyone’s life. You know, I love watching my kids all day. I certainly won’t say it, but don’t get me wrong, I’m getting more time to be with my baby during lockdown. I change her diapers, feed the baby and then do all the work. Memory takes care during the day, when I take care at night, I am awake with my daughter and I only sleep when she is asleep. Thus I am quite a handsome father.

Needless to say, Gautam and Smriti target, their videos on social media restores faith in our love. The Power couple were together after all the adversity, even the time of the strike did not affect the love and warmth they shared.

When Gautam is asked what is the key to a content relationship

Well, it’s very simple, I believe we should always give. We should not claim or ask for any relationship. Personally I have always been very generous and refrain from asking. This is what makes a relationship healthy and lasting.

Feedback for his new song

I was overwhelmed by the response to the song. The whole shooting experience was great as the memory carried on then. So I had to be very careful about the subject. It was easy for him because he was very professional and on TV, he also shot for movies or for a long time it was not difficult for us in any way! For some scenes I was very careful because I didn’t want to hit him in the wrong place. Especially the pillow fight sequence, these kind of things were taken care of by us.

Jenners he wants to be part of!

I want to make a romantic song again with Smriti. And you all must have seen that we make a lot of videos together. I am glad that as a couple we have received compliments from my fans for the videos and are getting good response.

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