Fuel crisis live: Petrol stations under siege as looming shortages take hold

Petrol stations across the country are becoming besieged by motorists amid shortages taking effect across England.

A nationwide shortage of HGV drivers has forced garages such as BP, Esso and Tesco to close some of their branches.

The shortage of drivers, which is estimated to be more than 100,000, has been blamed on a number of issues including Brexit and the pandemic.

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A temporary scheme to make it easier for foreign drivers to work in the UK is already being planned by the government in response to the shortage.

The government has slightly relaxed the Drivers’ Hours rules, which means drivers will be able to increase their daily driving limit from nine hours to 11 hours twice a week.

Reports have emerged across the South West of various fuel stations being overwhelmed by customers attempting to fill up their vehicles, with a number reportedly running out of fuel due to the rush.

Pictures from across the region have shown heavy traffic across town and city centres as well as petrol station forecourts becoming jammed with people in pursuit of fuel.

Amid reports some petrol stations have been forced to close due to supply chain issues, the transport secretary has blamed Covid for “exacerbating” longer term “systemic” issues with lorry driver recruitment.

Grant Shapps told BBC Breakfast yesterday (Friday) there is “no shortage of fuel” in the refineries and that the public should continue as normal and not rush to fill up tanks.

Follow the latest in our live blog below.

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