George Floyd has protested across America

Most of the protests in New York today were peaceful processions – but as night fell, property destruction and looting increased.

CNN correspondent Shimon Prokipkej at the scene said the looting was significantly organized from time to time.

“They would go to the stores. They would break windows. You know, they would use hammers. They would run. And then, others would come. And then they would come back again and again,” Procupex said.

He added that looting and destruction would already be a second blow to many businesses affected by the coronavirus epidemic. Many of the vandalized stores had already been closed for months and were losing money.

“And now, (shops) are being looted.” Procopex Dr. “Everything has been taken out and now their shops need to be repaired, the glass needs to be fixed.”

Citywide curfew: The city curfew, which took effect from 11 a.m. tonight, will be extended until tomorrow evening – but it will take effect tomorrow night, at 8:30 p.m. Instead.

“In the end, the curfew is probably too late,” Procopes said. “They brought in more officers. They doubled the number of officers they would work with today.

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