George Floyd’s family lawyer has condemned the local autopsy

The attorney for George Floyd’s family commented on the results of the local medical examiner as a detailed fentanyl in the Floyd system and called it an attempt to assassinate the man’s character.

On Monday, the Henepin County Medical Examiner’s Office classified Floyd’s death as a homicide, with his heart pounding as police narrowed his base in a video of Floyd’s arrest. But the office also cited “other important situations” in their report, listing heart disease; Fentanyl intoxication and recent methamphetamine use.

The inquest did not list the cause of death, but family lawyer Benjamin Krump on Tuesday called the toxicology results a “red color” and said authorities had caused the death by kneeling on his neck and lungs.

“In the video, they tried to kill his character after they killed him,” Krump said at a news conference Tuesday.

A separate, independent autopsy commissioned by Cramp Floyd’s family revealed that it also ruled out a homicide for his death – but from a combination of contractions in both the neck and back.

Drew Chauvin, a Minneapolis officer who was filmed kneeling on Floyd’s neck, has been charged with third- to first-degree murder, and the lawyer is now seeking charges against state lawyers.

“I think these charges could be upgraded … when there is a white police [officer] Is it such a difficult thing to charge them with killing a black person in America that we would be charged with? Kramp said in a separate interview on the NBC News “Today” show.

He also called for three more officers to be charged with aiding and abetting Floyd’s arrest and assured that their day would come.

“We have heard that they are expecting charges from these officials … We understand that they will be charged,” he said.

Floyd’s death has sparked outrage across the country, where cities have been gripped by sensitive and violent protests, with his family urging protesters to remain calm.

Krump said the only way to put out fires in American cities is to hold police accountable, but he told America to “breathe” for Floyd.

“All he needed was breath,” Cramp said of Floyd. “The family has told everyone to breathe – just take a breath for peace, take a breath for justice. If George was here, he was telling people to protest peacefully. ”

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