George Floyd’s protests spread throughout America

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and NYPD Commissioner Dermot Shia praised a video of police officers kneeling with protesters in the city on Sunday.

A video made by Aleya Abraham, a Jamaican from Queens, shows police officers kneeling with protesters during a procession demanding the trial of George Floyd.

Retweeting the video clip, Cuomo said on Twitter, “That’s how change begins.”

Shia also commented on the video on Twitter, “We need more of these, to see and hear each other, to work together, to recognize our differences as our strengths.”

He commented in a photo on Twitter that there was a conversation between a peaceful protester and an NYPD officer.

“There are many more moments beyond that that are becoming shadowy. This image embodies the true consciousness of everyday people for a connected NYC – men and women of NYers and NYPD,” Shia said of the photo.

Some topics in the video: On Sunday, hundreds of people marched peacefully near the edge of more than a hundred police stations in Queens.

In the video, protesters kneel down and a priest invites officers to come to the circle and kneel with them – which is greeted with a standing ovation from the crowd.

Abraham said he had never seen police do this in all his years of activism, even during other protests on television – but warned that “what we are looking for is action.”

“I’ll be even more fascinated when we don’t take action and shoot. That’s the moment I’m looking for.”

Check it out here:

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