It really is no solution to anybody that Google is about to introduce some new hardware — expectations are large for the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Professional. Properly, not only does Google have individuals new Pixels incoming, but we frequently see it announce all varieties of other hardware and software program at its Manufactured by Google gatherings. We are now finding a little peek at what could be coming up future, as we get word about a doable hardware function on October 5th, a little under two months from now.

We know about this event due to the fact of a article by CNET that was then taken down shortly just after publication — possibly mainly because it was accidentally posted sooner than it should have been. Luckily XDA’s Mishaal Rahman managed to get a screenshot of the posting though it was however reside and uploaded it to his Twitter account.

What stays of the deleted CNET publish

There are a few of takeaways we can get from the human body of the write-up. To start with, we never know if this will be the entire-fledged Built by Google occasion we generally get or not. Soon after all, there is mention of the Nest, Maps, and Journey, but very little about any new Pixel telephones everywhere. Google might be organizing to introduce new wise speakers and wise house appliances, as effectively as additions and enhancements to Google Maps and Google Travel/Flights.

Even if we never get them here, Google’s future phones are even now coming in 2021, and you can find proof pointing at plans to launch the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro on October 19th.

Then yet again, if the Pixel 6 sequence is in fact announced on Oct 5th, that would be precisely two weeks prior to the October 19th day — an suitable length of time for Google to open up pre-orders prior to retail ability. Of course, which is assuming Google would really formally announce the Pixels on that day, and CNET’s deleted publish appeared to believe that it would not.

We are going to have to hold out for an official announcement from Google on this event to know much more, but it should not just take a lot extended, since October 5th is much less than two months absent.