Grizzly Bear and Bison fight to the death in Yellowstone Park

It was a “grizzly” murder.

This moment in the wild footage shows a grizzly bear and a young bison fighting to the death next to the parking lot in Yellowstone National Park.

“Gloves are off!” The video was taken by Michael Dawes in a caption.

This enchanting footage, depicted in the name of Daus, visited the national park with his family on May 31, showing the larger bison storming the razor-clawed flesh, who first tried to disperse.

The bear, however, landed at Bovidai’s headquarters, dragged it to a nearby lake, and drowned the animal, hitting it back.

Upon the return of Daus and his family, the popular Grand Prismatic Overlook trail endured spraying in the rugged wilderness, which was largely empty during the coronavirus epidemic.

“We weren’t crazy enough to come back to look for the bear so close,” Dawes said.

“We didn’t see it until we were in our car. I was particularly relieved that the bear seemed more interested in the bison, so we just maintained the feeling of a safe distance while being very close to the car.”

Bears and wolves are the only predators of adult bison found in Yellowstone.

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