Hacker claims Shopify, 3 crypto wallet data; The companies refuse

Do hackers remember who compromised Ethereum.org? The same hacker has hit again and is now selling data tied to key cryptocurrency wallets like Treasure, Kipki, Ledger and online investment platforms BNKThother.

The hacker claims to have three large databases of personal information of at least 60,000 customers. The information may include anything from the customer’s email address, name, phone number, residential address to anything else.

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Was your data breached?

The products that Shopify uses from these crypto wallets can be compromised according to the data breach monitoring and prevention service for their customers under critical data breaches.

Bitcoin News reports that “the hackers do not appear to have any passwords, but they do provide details such as email addresses, home addresses and phone numbers that have been stolen from an alleged Shopify breach.”

“The hacker does not appear to have any passwords, but provides detailed information such as email addresses, home addresses and phone numbers that have been stolen from an alleged shopify breach,” he said.

Laser, however, tweeted: “Rumor has it that our Shopify database has been hacked through Shopify exploitation. Our ecommerce team is investigating these allegations by analyzing the so-called hacked DB, and so far it does not match our reality (database) DB. We are continuing the investigation.” And I’m taking the matter seriously. “

Shopife says all is well!

A spokesman for Shopify told Bitcoin.com: “We have investigated these claims and found no evidence to substantiate them, and no evidence of compromise with Shopify’s systems.”

The hackers also advertised databases of 18 virtual currency exchanges and forums in addition to email lists of two crypto tax platforms.


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