Hamptons is looking to stop tourists after ‘Hell’ Memorial Day

Hamptons is trying to reduce tourist arrivals during the coronavirus epidemic after the weekly holiday of “Hell” Memorial Day.

On Wednesday, Southampton Town Supervisor Jay Snyderman signed an emergency order temporarily closing all city beaches for daily visitors, or “day-trippers.” On Friday he extended the order.

In a statement sent to Southampton, officials said they had received “numerous complaints about shortness of breath, public urination, not wearing a mask and not following social distance rules and setting up camp on the beach.”

A group of 500 people climbed a narrow end at the end of North Sea Road in the North Sea and police were forced to close the beach due to social distance restrictions.

“After we experienced the overflowing crowd at our beach last weekend, we had no choice. [than to minimize the presence of nonresidents, in order] To prevent the re-emergence of the coronavirus in our community, ”said Snyderman. The order “restricts the use of all city beaches, not just parking lots, to residents and legal tenants, and also restricts roadside parking near the beach.”

Under the new rules, if the crowding is clearly proven, police will be allowed to provide proof that Sunbathers live or rent in the city. They may be asked for vehicle registration, or proof of rent, showing them a New York state driver’s license or driverless ID, utility bill or a Southampton Town address.

These orders can only be placed for five days. On Friday, it was extended to 5 June.

Since the coronavirus hit the area, Hamptons have seen crowds of townspeople and there are more expectations this summer. Last week, the East Hampton Town Board wrote a letter to Gov. Quimo asking for a ban on opening hotels and resorts until the Tony enclave was restored. “The arrival of summer people in our region is likely to cause a new outbreak,” the letter says.

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